Shanahan Law Group Associate Jeffrey M. Kelly Collaborates with LexisNexis for Interdisciplinary Moot Court Competition

Shanahan Law Group Associate Jeffrey M. Kelly served on a three-judge panel with the Honorable Judges Allegra Collins and Richard Dietz in LexisNexis’ second annual intramural moot court competition on June 18, 2019 in Raleigh. The competition, which was comprised of teams of LexisNexis software engineers, data scientists and project managers, was designed to promote…

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When Business Deals go Wrong, Smart Companies Turn to Shanahan Law Group

When a major international company was sued for alleged violations of the federal Fair Labor and Standards Act in California, it turned to Shanahan Law Group to represent it in the “off the clock” class action. The Raleigh-based firm successfully defeated class certification, a highly unusual result. “We argued that the two named plaintiffs were…

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