Nonprofit shows support for law enforcement with billboard on US 64 in Raleigh

A North Carolina non-profit is backing the blue in a big way.

The North Carolina Property Rights Coalition posted a billboard in support of local law enforcement along Highway 64 near Yonkers Road.

“Hopefully, police officers, men and women who see it know the vast majority of citizens in Wake County, and Raleigh in particular, are behind them,” said North Carolina Property Rights Coalition chairman Kieran Shanahan.

Founded in 2006, the North Carolina Property Rights Coalition advocates for protecting personal property rights.

Shanahan spent eight years on the Raleigh City County and served as Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety under Gov. Pat McCrory.

“Law enforcement people are well motivated, caring, dedicated professionals,” Shanahan said.

The billboard reads “True Blue. With appreciation and gratitude for those who keep our communities safe.”

“The rule of law doesn’t work unless you have law enforcement who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to enforce the law,” Shanahan said.

Shanahan said riots in downtown Raleigh this spring motivated him to make a public show of support for local police officers and deputies.

He said the billboard is not a political statement, but a personal one.

“We have your back. We believe in you. We know you’re trying to do the right thing,” he said.

Another billboard was posted this summer in Pittsboro next to a Confederate flag. It was funded by activist groups RREPS and Emancipate NC. The sign, supporting Black Lives Matter, was taken down this month after a dispute with the property owner.

Shanahan said there are currently three billboards in the area, thanks to contributions from two dozen people. He plans to put up at least three more of the “True Blue” billboards across the area for officers to see.

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