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Kieran J. Shanahan of Shanahan Law Group, PLLC is a tenacious attorney with four decades of experience successfully handling a wide variety of complex, high-stakes cases.


Experienced Senior Counsel

A thoughtful approach to legal matters

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you’ll take a moment to read about my approach to helping address whatever legal challenge you’re facing.

In more than four decades I’ve worked as a federal prosecutor, been a partner or an attorney in two national firms, and managed my own boutique firm for 20 years. I’ve been fortunate to have handled a wide variety of legal matters, ranging from simple to complex, and many high-stakes and high profile cases and causes I have advocated for - in the courtroom, through mediation and other alternative dispute resolution strategies, and the court of public opinion. My philosophy has always been that I work for the client, not the firm.

I’m in a unique position in my career where I have the luxury of working for a few select clients that I truly believe I can help navigate through their legal issue – without the trappings, hassles and exorbitant costs that come with a big law firm. I don’t focus on some billable hours quota; rather my only goal is to help you solve your legal issue.

I am a problem solver, the more complex the better. My experience has given me the ability to see through the legal complexities of an issue, properly diagnose the problem, and develop a strategy that solves your problem and achieves your goal in an efficient manner. I have the insight and big-picture perspective to help you navigate the legal maze you may be facing. When asked for,  I use my leadership skills and extensive network to assemble and manage a team of professionals to handle your crisis, be it litigation or otherwise.

If you could benefit from working with experienced senior counsel, or if you simply want a second analysis on your macro situation, get an additional opinion from the perspective of resolving your problem strategically and expeditiously, let’s have a conversation.

Kieran J. Shanahan

"Sit with warriors. The conversation is different"
- Ayman Kafel

An Experienced Legal Strategist

Kieran Shanahan understands that every client has unique goals and needs and that every case is different.

Not every legal matter should end up in Court.

Throughout his four decades of legal experience, Kieran has developed the insight required to properly diagnose your legal issue, choose the right legal strategy to accomplish your goals, assemble and manage a legal team, and provide sound strategic advice as you navigate whatever legal issue you are facing.

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