Shanahan Law Group Associate Jeffrey M. Kelly served on a three-judge panel with the Honorable Judges Allegra Collins and Richard Dietz in LexisNexis’ second annual intramural moot court competition on June 18, 2019 in Raleigh. The competition, which was comprised of teams of LexisNexis software engineers, data scientists and project managers, was designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between lawyers and technologists and to help developers gain insight into the practice of law.

This competition allowed LexisNexis technologists to get a firsthand look into the appellate practice process in which products they design are frequently used. Participants received training on writing briefs and observed oral arguments before the North Carolina Court of Appeals,
prepared briefs, and argued their cases as part of the competition.

“The oral argument was the centerpiece of this project, but what I love about working with developers and designers is how eager they are to improve their products and address problems in the litigation process that they did not previously know existed,” Kelly said. “It is critical that we continue to learn from each other and increase the access to legal services through innovation.

“Jeff Kelly is an ambitious leader and is modernizing the practice of law, and he has been invaluable in moving our firm and the legal community forward,” said John Branch, partner with Shanahan Law Group.

Jeffrey M. Kelly is the Vice Chair of the North Carolina Bar Association’s Future of Law Committee and a Councilmember of the North Carolina Bar Association’s Appellate Practice Section and Antitrust & Complex Business Disputes Law Section. Kelly’s legal practice is concentrated in areas of complex business litigation and outside corporate counsel services, including corporate and securities litigation, trade secret and intellectual property protection, data security, and unfair trade practices. In addition to his legal practice, he co-founded a legal technology start-up through which he independently collects litigation data for legal analytics, risk assessment, and legal project management.